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Finite Element Embedded Library and Language in C++
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Feel++: Finite Element Embedded Library in C++ Documentation

Feel++ is a unified C++ implementation of Galerkin methods (finite and spectral element methods) in 1D, 2D And 3D to solve partial differential equations.


The objectives of this framework is quite ambitious; ambitions which could be express in various ways such as :

  • the creation of a versatile mathematical kernel solving easily problems using different techniques thus allowing testing and comparing methods, e.g. cG versus dG,
  • the creation of a '''small''' and '''manageable''' library which shall nevertheless encompass a wide range of numerical methods and techniques,
  • build mathematical software that follows closely the mathematical abstractions associated with partial differential equations (PDE)(which is often not the case, for example the design could be physics oriented)
  • the creation of a library entirely in ''C++'' allowing to create ''C++'' complex and typically multi-physics applications such as fluid-structure interaction or mass transport in haemodynamics (the rationale being that these applications are computing intensive and the use of an interpreted language such as python would not be satisfying though in many simpler cases that would simplify and accelerate the development.)

Organisation of this manual

The user documentation has moved to GitBook.


See the Credits page for proper credits attribution.

FEEL Consortium

Feel++ was initially developed at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne(Suisse) and is now a joint effort between Université de Strasbourg, Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble), University of Coimbra (Portugal), CNRS and CeMoSiS.

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